Iron and thalassemia

Thalassemia and iron metabolism are closely linked. 
Iron deficiency and mild forms of thalassemia (eg, thalassemia trait) are often confused. Both are associated with mild anemia and microcytosis (small red cells) to moderate. On the other side of the spectrum, severe forms of thalassemia often iron overload.Excess iron accumulates due to increased iron uptake by thalassemia, blood transfusions or both repeats. A number of questions frequently asked about thalassemia and iron.

If a person with thalassemia trait iron, as iron-fortified vitamins to avoid?
Iron replacement tablets or iron supplemented vitamins to be taken only as directed by a physician actual iron deficiency to treat or prevent iron deficiency in high-risk conditions (eg, pregnancy). 
People with thalassemia trait (thalassemia minor) is not necessarily a greater risk of complications of iron in the diet than anyone else in the general population. There are cases, however, in which coincident conditions can increase the risk of iron overload. For example, people with thalassemia trait also the genes for hereditary hemochromatosis site collects hazardous levels of iron by the use of dietary iron supplements.

Can thalassemia anemia by corrected or improved by more iron?

In the absence of a concomitant iron deficiency, iron supplements will not correct the anemia due to thalassemia does not improve. For people with both iron deficiency and thalassemia iron substitution on the severity of anemia decreased until the iron deficiency is corrected. The blood count will level off and no further improvement will occur.

What is the best treatment for a person with severe thalassemia (thalassemia major. Or thalassemia intermedia) that accumulate too much iron?

Excess iron accumulates a leading cause of clinical deterioration and often death in patients with severe forms of thalassemia. The excess iron can be removed from the patient's body only by an iron-binding drugs called chelators. The most widely used chelator is Desferrioxamine, whose trade name Desferal ® We.These medications can prevent many of the complications associated with iron overload. The drug is most effective when daily over periods ranging from 12 to 16 hours. A special pump that the patient wear, the medication slowly under the skin. Desferal ® as an intravenous infusion at the time of transfusion was given.This method of delivery does not effectively remove iron. Desferal ® is not effective when given by mouth. A new oral agent called L1 or deferipone still people to be tested. The drug effectively remove iron from many patients with significant iron overload. The key unknown with this agent is its safety.